Naler Insurance Agency, Inc.
A Brief History


        When lots for the new Central Texas town of McGregor went on sale in
        1882, a young boy by the name of John Naler stood among the crowd as
        the first plats of land were sold.  Boys became men at an early age during
        those days, and within a few years, Naler opened an insurance agency with
        another McGregor pioneer, Glenn Crain.


        In 1895, at the ripe old age of 25, Naler bought Crain's share of the business
        and renamed the firm Naler Insurance Agency.  During the next 47 years, he
        built a successful agency and also found time for other pet projects.

        Naler championed refrigerated railroad cars.  Although his first attempt to
        transport perishable goods in refrigerated cars failed when the train got
        stuck, he was pleased when the innovation finally caught on.  His granddaughter
        Marion Truelove, remembers stories of him bringing treats such as Gulf oysters
        and fresh winter fruit to McGregor by refrigerated cars.                

        Naler also saw the importance of another new invention - the automobile - and
        financed many cars in the early days when banks were reluctant to lend money
        for such "contraptions."

        Naler died in 1942, and after his son's death in 1956, the agency was sold to
        several McGregor business people.  Joe Paschall, who joined the firm in 1958,
        became the agency president in 1977.  He now owns the agency with his son
        Kyle, who came on board in 1987.